Ph.D. thesis title: Women’s representation and discourse in contemporary politics. Case study: Romania & the United States of America

The Ph.D. period has been, by far, the most dynamic phase of my intellectual maturing process. The opportunity to carry out a Ph.D. under the thorough supervising of Prof. Sandu Frunză, and the generous guidance of Professors Delia Bălaș and Ioan Hosu has changed my perspective on research in a fundamental manner. According to my experience, the optimal strategy in training a future Ph.D. consists in nurturing the appetite for knowledge, and encouraging them to explore all possible and (apparently) impossible ways of harnessing their academic potential. The Ph.D. experience in this doctoral school unfolded various opportunities for publishing, sharing my research in conferences, for teaching, refining my ideas among professors and peers, and last but not least, it brought the certainty that there are no limits to what one can accomplish, once they set their mind and channel their efforts towards that ultimate goal. The most relevant such accomplishment was obtaining a Fulbright Scholarship, during which I perfected my research skills, and explored my personal and academic identities.

Andreea Voina PHD